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Wacky Novelty Ear Buds

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Our grandmother (ok maybe not "our" grandmother, we don't share the same one) is always complaining that people in the subway or the train don't talk to each other anymore because of the electronic things they carry around and the ones they put in their ears! Anyway, you'll definitely make some people smile in the subway when you (or the person you're making this gift... Read More

Hand Soap (Hand Shaped Soap)

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This is as weird as it's awesome. A musk scented hand soap in the shape of a hand! We like things that are very literal... This will make a great welcome gift for your mother-in-law (the one that has a good sense of humor, not the other one). Hey you can also buy 2 and put them on each side of the sink! Or 4, one on each corner of the tub (ok, that's kinda creepy...).... Read More

TheOne Binary Watch

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Let's be super accurate here, this watch is the 01TheOne Unisex RB907B3 Razor Block Black. It's weird, geeky and awesome. It displays time in binary with blue LEDs! :) And you can see the inner-workings of the watch. The face is in transparent resin. It's water resistant. It's unique. It rules. 01TheOne is a really awesome company that makes very original and totally... Read More