Crap Taxidermy Book

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  Ahh.. failures are funny. Not always actually, but in the case of taxidermy, it's either you're good at it, or you create stuff that are hilarious or that freak people out. In this book, there's a delightul mix of ugly, funny, scary as hell, and just totally weird taxidermy gone very, very wrong  (hell, it even teaches you how to do it!). We just love it and... Read More

Extra Extraordinary Chickens

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Yup, pictures of chickens with 80's haircuts make great gifts! Now if the person you want to buy this gift for is actually a chicken breeder, this might not be such a weird gift after all. But as we personally don't know any and yet have been giving this Extra Extraordinary Chickens book to many people, we can tell you it's weird (you guessed that) and awesome (you weren't... Read More

Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF

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We LOVE Etsy for many reasons. The great majority of DIY things on that site are just lovely, well crafted and original. But there's this wonderfully weird percentage of DIY stuff that are just absurd, sometimes ugly and always plain funny. And some smart & weird woman listed them all in a very funny book that any DIY fanatic will learn to love. The word you'll say... Read More