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Raptor Pet Costume

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Allow your dog to believe he can actually be scary in his raptor costume! This is such a weird costume 'cause you can't help but see an hybrid monster with 6 legs and a face in a face... The cool thing is it's actually a high quality costume (officially licensed Animal Planet costume) and you can choose the size. Go ahead! Help your dog (dogs? oh we want to see a bunch... Read More

Magical Unicorn Head Mask

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If the horse head mask isn't weird enough for you, go for the magical unicorn head mask! Women love fairy tales (we read that somewhere) so take a shot at seducing the ladies with your unicorn mask, we guess it'll work its magic! Kids will love it too, but take it off before kissing them goodnight, not sure they'll make sweet dreams otherwise. If you're a young lady... Read More

Squirrel Head Mask

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  Are you nuts? Who would wear that? We definitely would. We actually are at the time of writing this! This gorgeous, high qualiy latex squirrel head mask will make any nature lover happy. Helps with making squirrel friends or a good impression on a first date. Buy a bunch of these masks and squirrel them away for the next occasion you have to make a gift to... Read More

Horse Head Mask

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We love this horse head mask. It just looks great with casual or business outfit! Who can resist quality latex and realistic fur, right? If you get it for someone, the unwrapping part should be fun. Oh and if you don't feel like wearing it or wrapping it, you can just put it in the bed of someone who loves the Godfather and will get the reference. No, that'd be mean, don't... Read More