• Crap Taxidermy Book

      Ahh.. failures are funny. Not always actually, but in the case of taxidermy, it’s either you’re good at it, or you create stuff that are hilarious or that freak people out. In this book, there’s a delightul mix of ugly, funny, scary as hell, and just totally weird taxidermy gone very, very wrong  (hell, it even teaches you how to do it!). We just love it and we bet you will too. It’s rare when we give a 5/5 in awesomeness AND weirdness, but this one deserves it. Price: $10.01 (no idea why there’s an additional cent to these 10 bucks) Awesomeness: 5/5 Weirdness: 5/5 -> Go Check Out The Crap Taxidermy Book On Amazon!

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  • Great Psychologists Finger Puppet Set

    First of all, who doesn’t like finger puppets? Second of all, who doesn’t like psychologists? Okay… well. Whether you love them or not, they’re fun to play with. They don’t even have feelings! You can choke them instead of taking your anger out on your own living shrink. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild is the company that creates these awesome finger puppets and other plush dolls. It’s weird and awesome. You’ll get 4 finger puppets in this set: Freud, his daughter Anna, Jung, and THE COUCH! Hours of fun, really. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re freaking magnetic! Yes! You can put them on your fridge! What a great world.  Price: $22.95 Awesomeness: 4.5/5 Weirdness: 4.5/5 -> Go Check Out The Great Psychologists Finger Puppet Set On Amazon!

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  • Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF

    We LOVE Etsy for many reasons. The great majority of DIY things on that site are just lovely, well crafted and original. But there’s this wonderfully weird percentage of DIY stuff that are just absurd, sometimes ugly and always plain funny. And some smart & weird woman listed them all in a very funny book that any DIY fanatic will learn to love. The word you’ll say the most while reading Regretsy (awesome title by the way) is “Seriously??”. And that’s just what we expect from a book about weird stuff made by weird people. Price: from $0.99 (used) to $18.70 (new) Awesomeness: 4/5 Weirdness: 4.5/5 -> Go check out Regretsy on Amazon!

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    Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF
  • Magical Unicorn Head Mask

    If the horse head mask isn’t weird enough for you, go for the magical unicorn head mask! Women love fairy tales (we read that somewhere) so take a shot at seducing the ladies with your unicorn mask, we guess it’ll work its magic! Kids will love it too, but take it off before kissing them goodnight, not sure they’ll make sweet dreams otherwise. If you’re a young lady or have been at some point, you might want to put it on and pretend play during your lunch break. Be careful, we easily get addicted to such awesomeness! Price: $31 Awesomeness: 4.5/5 Weirdness: 4.5/5 -> Go check out this unicorn head mask on Amazon!

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    unicorn head mask

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