Hand Soap (Hand Shaped Soap)

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This is as weird as it’s awesome. A musk scented hand soap in the shape of a hand! We like things that are very literal… This will make a great welcome gift for your mother-in-law (the one that has a good sense of humor, not the other one). Hey you can also buy 2 and put them on each side of the sink! Or 4, one on each corner of the tub (ok, that’s kinda creepy…). Have fun & smell good!

Price: $7.44

Awesomeness: 4.5/5

Weirdness: 4.5/5

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  1. Or maybe you’d prefer some cute little soap hands: http://www.imaginaryanimal.com/collections/handsoap. (Your mother-in-law would definitely prefer these).

    • Admin - July 13, 2012

      These are awesome! Thanks for the link, you have a really lovely website :)

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