TheOne Binary Watch

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Let’s be super accurate here, this watch is the 01TheOne Unisex RB907B3 Razor Block Black. It’s weird, geeky and awesome. It displays time in binary with blue LEDs! :) And you can see the inner-workings of the watch. The face is in transparent resin. It’s water resistant. It’s unique. It rules. 01TheOne is a really awesome company that makes very original and totally different high-quality watches, many are really weird and we love them for that. We weren’t looking for geeky watches when we found this one but it just happens that super weird and super awesome watches are also super geeky. Enjoy! EDIT: This particular watch isn’t available anymore (yep, you weren’t fast enough) but there’s a bunch of other weird ones by 01TheOne that you can see by clicking on the link below.

Price: varies

Awesomeness: 4.5/5

Weirdness: 4/5

-> Go check out 01TheOne watches on Amazon!

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  1. The Dude - June 6, 2012

    Being a 01 THE ONE BInary watch fan I follow the new collections that come out regularly. This one is a really old model – to see all the new collections check out they keep a really large and varied collection

    • Admin - June 7, 2012

      Hey thanks for your comment and for the link! We might feature other 01TheOne watches on the site in the future. They indeed have a pretty cool and varied collection. The one we pick was just really weird and has that cool retro look, less futuristic than others of their collection.


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