What we mean by weird

So what do we mean by weird exactly?

Well… we don’t mean creepy or freaky.

We mean different, odd, out of the box, funny on purpose or sometimes funny without wanting to be – or just not funny –, unique, not-something-you-would-have-thought-of. Some items are not necessarily totally weird but it’s just weird to give them as a gift or they are about very weird stuff which makes them weird.

When selecting a gift to be featured on Awesome Weird Gifts we ask ourselves 3 questions:

  1. Is it something original enough, something pop culture didn’t yet made completely “normal”?
  2. Is there something about it that makes us smile a real smile and that we would be tempted to steal? (that’s a sign it’s awesome)
  3. Would we buy it or be genuinely happy to receive it?

If we answer yes 3 times and that our smile measures at least 3.3 inches, we select the gift. If you don’t agree with our selection sometimes, it’s ok, weird is subjective, you can let us know or just keep browsing for something weird enough for you, we’re confident you’ll find that.


Weird can be awesome,

The Awesome Weird Gifts team