Who’s the weirdo behind this site?

not accurate.

The name is Awan W. Gifford.

He’s a little weird, not in a creepy way. He’s a geek at heart (just like everybody on the planet these days it seems..) and loves to make gifts (as awesome and weird as possible).

He’s not alone behind this project. The Awesome Weird Gifts team is made of a handful of mysterious people who are fed up with receiving ties, watches, chocolates boxes, “funny” socks, coffee makers, gym memberships and Wii games for their birthday, christmas, mother’s day, great great uncle’s day, very distant cousin’s day, thursday’s day, and other special days society made up and will make up. So they decided to list in one place the awesome weird gifts they find so other people can enjoy them, give them or keep them for themselves (have you ever bought a gift so cool you kept it?).

Receiving gifts and giving them is just awesome and meaningful when it’s well thought out. For all the cool weird people out there, here’s your stop to treat yourself with a gift made for you. And for you normal people (normal? really?) who know weird people and suck at finding gifts for them, this website is for you too!

Spread the cool weirdness and smile a little more,

Awan W. Gifford
& the Awesome Weird Gifts Team